If you own a pet rabbit or look to get yourself a furry little friend but don’t know if Kaytee Timothy hay is good for it, you are in the right place! Our Kaytee Timothy hay review aims to provide you with more information on why this hay brand maybe what your cute pet rabbit needs to grow healthy and fit!

If this is your first time raising rabbits, then there are a couple of facts you should be aware of: the first one is that rabbits are herbivores, which means that any food they consume should be plant-based. The other point is that rabbits are very delicate. Their health and lifestyle depend on how nutritious their food is and how clean and comfortable their hutch is.

There are several reasons why hay is excellent for rabbits. While most people refer to rabbit food as salads and most other plant products that we consume, many misconceptions arise regarding the best foods fit for rabbits.

This Kaytee Timothy hay review is meant to show you why hay is the best rabbit food and help you determine whether Kaytee rabbit food should be your preferred hay brand. We conducted intensive research on this particular brand focusing on how the hay is cut, packaged, and the hay’s nutritional value.

But first, why is hay the best rabbit food?

What is The Best Hay For Rabbits?

As stated earlier, rabbits are herbivores meaning that they consume plants. They are also considered grazers, which suggests that they consume food continuously. As such, rabbits have complex digestive systems that are pretty efficient at processing food.

If you want your pet rabbit to grow healthy and fit, you have to tend to their particular dietary needs. Introducing them to new foods, or worse, feeding them the wrong foods and brands, could interfere with their regular digestive system and your rabbit may stop eating altogether

Doing this could lead to digestive disturbance, passing of gas, growth of toxic bacteria, and several other complications, leading to sickness or even death. So, what makes hay great for rabbits?

  • Hay has healthy levels of fiber which is excellent for improved gut health and regular bowel movements. Keeping your rabbit on hay-free diets could cause them to experience health problems.
  • Digestive stasis: providing high-quality hay food for your rabbit can help them avoid being affected by this condition which comes about when the gastrointestinal tract stops functioning correctly due to the lack of enough fiber in their food.
  • Hay contains lower calcium levels, unlike other feeds like pellets, for instance. If you feed your rabbit with more pellets than hay, you run the risk of the pets having too much calcium in their body. This could lead to kidney stones and subsequent health conditions when due to calcification.
  • Since your pets are grazers, they love foraging for food. However, since you can’t let your pet rabbit out 24/7, providing them with hay in their diet helps give them the chance to forage for food throughout the day.
  • If your rabbits don’t gnaw on their teeth while they feed, then the chances are that their teeth may grow too long. Providing them with hay helps wear their teeth down naturally as they would have in the wild.

What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits consume grass hay, pellets, and leafy green vegetables. There are some precautions you’ll need to take when feeding your rabbit. The main precaution to keep in mind is that: it would be best not to provide your rabbit with alfalfa hay since it contains too many proteins and calcium. 

However, alfalfa hay is still excellent for pregnant and lactating rabbits since it can help provide calcium supplements to assist in the baby rabbit’s bone formation.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Rabbit food

kaytee timothy hay

Let’s go into more detail in our Kaytee Timothy hay review on what makes this particular brand stand out.

If you want to feed your rabbit with nutritious hay that’s healthy for your pet rabbit, then you should go for the Kaytee timothy hay. The Kaytee timothy hay is an all-natural meal that’s great for your rabbit’s digestive health.

The hay is hand-picked to help provide the perfect leaf to stem ratio. Kaytee timothy hay is low in calcium and proteins, which is excellent if you want your rabbits to have healthy kidneys. The rabbit food also has carrots, other additional nutrition and lacks food coloring or preservatives that could interfere with your rabbit’s health.

Kaytee timothy hay is made explicitly for rabbits seven months or older with a texture and flavor that’s hard to resist. The grass is harvested from the high elevations of the Columbian River Basin and sheltered before packaging to preserve its color and natural taste. The rabbit food has plenty of fiber, ensuring that your rabbit has a healthy digestive tract.

Key Features

  • Contains dehydrated carrots
  • Sun-cured Kaytee timothy hay
  • Contains hand-picked ingredients
  • Natural, non-GMO rabbit food grown without pesticides
  • The hay is developed specifically for small animals

Kaytee Timothy Hay Benefits

  • Kaytee timothy hay has a high fiber content that complements the diets of small herbivorous animals like rabbits, hamsters, and other small foraging rodents.
  • The hay has low calcium levels to help your rabbits have a healthy urinary tract and prevent calcification.
  • The hay is protected from the environment after harvesting, ensuring that its natural taste and nutrients are retained.
  • Kaytee Timothy hay has the perfect stem to leaf ratio that’s perfected for your rabbits. It also contains no artificial flavor or preservatives.

How Much Hay Should I Feed My Pet Rabbit?

Feed as needed: the amount will vary between animals.

Feeding Instructions

You could add the hay to your pet’s feeder in addition to the animal’s regular feed. You’ll need to change the food and add fresh water daily.

If you are looking for feeder then take a look out our full review of the best hay feeders for rabbits.

Feeding Transition

Day 1

75% old hay: 25% new hay

Day 2

50% old hay: 50% new hay

Day 3

25% old hay: 75% new hay

Day 4

100% New Kaytee Timothy hay

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude fat: min. 1.0%
  • Crude protein: min. 6.0%
  • Crude fiber: max. 32%
  • Moisture: max. 12.0%


Sun-cured Timothy hay


The rabbit feed is not intended for human consumption.

Directions for storage

Store the meal in a cool and dry location

High Quality Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee’s hay is grown in fertile farms graced with the most optimal temperatures and receives the most optimal hours of sunlight. 

The hay is also irrigated with fresh mountain water. All this is done to ensure that the grass comes out green, fresh, and nutritious.

Quality Checks

Kaytee performs regular quality checks to ensure that customers get the best hay for their furry friends. Kaytee conducts standard visual and analytical tests to grade the hay, ensuring that it looks and tastes fresh.

Analytical tests are done to ensure that the pets get all the nutrition they deserve. Kaytee has a team of animal nutritionists that determine the hay’s fiber content, protein, fat content, and moisture. Doing this helps eliminate substandard hay and ensures that your pet gets the best hay.

Hand-Selected Hay That’s Handled With Care

Before you purchase hay for your pet, Kaytee ensures that the hay is routinely and thoroughly inspected to ensure that it’s healthy and nutritious. Kaytee also inspects the farms and where the hay is planted to make sure the hay is fresh, smells great, and has long, healthy stems and leaves.

The hay is also stored in a controlled environment after harvesting, ensuring that it receives the perfect moisture levels for consistent quality and freshness.


Is the hay good for baby rabbits?

Timothy hay is excellent for baby rabbits, and the sooner you begin feeding your baby rabbits with hay, the better. The fiber contained in the hay will help them have healthy digestion with regular, solid bowel movements.

Is it suitable for hamsters?

The hay isn’t recommended for hamsters since it doesn’t provide them with any nutritional value; however, you could supplement their diet two or three times a week.

Can small furry pets feed on this hay?

Guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, and degu.

How perishable is Kaytee timothy hay?

To make sure that your rabbit’s food isn’t expired and doesn’t harm your pet, it would be best if you checked your best before date before feeding your pet.

Is the Kaytee Timothy hay from the first or second cut?

The hay comes from both first and second cuttings. The hay has higher nutritional value, better color, and is softer than products left to mature longer.

Conclusion – Kaytee Timothy Hay Review

The information provided in this is meant to help you make an educated buying decision when choosing the best hay for your pet rabbit. If you are looking for the best types of hay for your rabbit, it won’t hurt to try Kaytee timothy hay.

Kaytee timothy has been around for 150 years, and its primary focus has been to provide pet owners with the best nutrition and care. They have kept on providing quality products, unmatched service, and innovative solutions.

Does your rabbit seem to enjoy its current hay?

I have always loved rabbits. A rabbit was my very first pet. Since owning my first rabbit I have gone on to own many more. I look forward to being able to get my kids their very own pet rabbits.