Rabbits are an amazing pet to have! You can’t help but love and care for your furry friend. The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit is an amazing breed that is one of the most popular in the world.

What is a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit?

They are a breed of domestic rabbits that originated in the Netherlands.

netherland dwarf rabbit

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Size

Surprisingly Netherland Dwarf Rabbit is The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit is the smallest rabbit breed, it is known for its compact bodies, small ears and only weighing 1-2.5 lbs.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Lifespan

These rabbits often live up to 7-10 years but have the ability to live up to 12. Although, “how long do pet rabbits live?” is a tough question to answer with just a few sentences.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Colors

These rabbits use to be pure white but over time they have been crossbred and now come in multiple solid and shaded colors

Solid Colors

These rabbits come in solid colors of:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac (pale purple color)
  • Blue-eyed white and ruby-eyed white

Shaded Colors

They also come in shaded colors of:

  • Siamese smoke pearl
  • Siamese sable and sable point
  • Tan Patterns

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Personality

Their personality is very close to what a wild rabbit acts like. They are full of energy and are very alert to their surroundings.

They enjoy having toys to play with and will often act playfully in the right environment.

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is also featured on our list of the best types of rabbits for pets.

Are Dwarf Rabbits Friendly?

When you socialize with them from a young age you give them the best chance to grow up and be friendly. Sadly, many of them will still be scared and will try and resist being handled by people.

This may result in some people getting bitten by them. Try to never scare them and always bring them treats!

This will help you build trust with them and over time you shouldn’t have much problem with them being scared of you.

Rabbit Health

If you want your furry friend to live a long and healthy life, ensure you are taking care of it.

It is very important that you keep in mind how fragile rabbits are. They are very small and they have very fragile bones.

If they are dropped they could easily have a broken bone.

Are Dwarf Rabbits Good Pets?

Rabbits are great pets, they are very enjoyable pets for kids and adults.

The only problem is that they are very small and full of energy. It looks like they are very easy to pick up, but this is not true. This can make them difficult for small children to be able to handle, while still being careful.

The Best Rabbit Hutch

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I have always loved rabbits. A rabbit was my very first pet. Since owning my first rabbit I have gone on to own many more. I look forward to being able to get my kids their very own pet rabbits.