If you have a friend or family member that adores and keeps rabbits as pets and you are searching for the right gifts for rabbit lovers to give them, then you are in the right place. In the online marketplace, there is an array of creative, considerate, and appealing gifts to give to the person you cherish who loves these endearing creatures.

Some of the gifts we have listed below are unique while others are popular. They can be chosen to particularly suit a special occasion such as Christmas, Easter, or a birthday. Of course, if you also passionately love and keep rabbits, you can gift yourself any of the rabbit themed products. While some gifts and products may serve to make your rabbit happier and more comfortable, some of the gifts are for reminding you about your rabbit and making you happy.

Subsequently, below is a comprehensive list of items, which hopefully you and other bunny owners can find delightful and inspiring to purchase.

Gifts For Your Rabbit

The following gifts are certain products you could purchase directly for your rabbit, that will improve your rabbits quality of life. We also added a few books that can help you learn more about how to take care of your rabbit properly.

1. Bunny Chew Toys

Bunny chew toys have a metal ring which comes in handy when you want to hang them from the top or side of the cage. This is helpful in providing your adorable pet with all the fun needed while still keeping the toys clean.

Gifting the toys to your rabbit is also beneficial in terms of improving dental health and boosting digestion. That is achievable as the fibrils encourage grinding and are made using timothy hay for delivering digestion promoting roughages.

2. Rabbit Hutches

A new rabbit hutch or an upgraded one is designed to be capable of guaranteeing your pet safety and security from different types of pests and predators. Pests like mice and predators like cats are known for usually posing safety risks to your bunnies. In addition, the best rabbit hutches offer an easy way for you to get your furry friend something they will love.

One of the best rabbit hutches available is the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch. Looking at the Aivituvin rabbit hutch on Amazon, one thing is clear in that it is a favorite of many customers and ranked the top best seller in the category of small animal outdoor pens and hutches.

Some of the reasons why the product is so popular is that:

  • The design implemented in making the hutch makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The hutch is divided into a top and bottom section
  • It is completely built using Firwood timber

3. Rabbit Treats

In terms of the treats you can purchase for your pet rabbit, always remember that it has a sensitive digestive system. You need to carefully consider what you are giving your pet to eat. For treats that can help keep your stay rabbit healthy and avoid upsetting their stomach or getting them sick, the top-recommended rabbit treats include fresh hays and carrots.

To see all the different options and types of hay and treats you can get your rabbit, check out our article on the best hay for rabbits. Hays are great because of their numerous beneficial properties to the health of bunnies including maintenance of the normal digestion process and prevention of kidney issues

For a treat for your rabbit, you can opt for Kaytee Biscuits Baked Carrot Treat which your rabbit will love and is healthy for it. The baked carrot treat comes in a 4-ounce bag for supporting dental chewing and devoid of any detrimental flavors and colorings.

4. Pet Rabbit Books

Being part of the common gifts for rabbit lovers, there are a lot of bunny books to choose from for pet owners. The books avail crucial info to assist you in understanding more about your pets and how to care for them in the best way possible. A few of the must-read pet rabbit publications include:

Rabbits For Dummies

This particular reference material co-authored by Connie Isbell and Audrey Pavia takes the top spot as one of the most preferred on Amazon. The formatting, indexing, and TOC make understanding the book a little simpler.

The Rabbit Handbook

The pet rabbit guidebook authored by Karen Parker is judged to be one of the most informatively comprehensive for rabbit pet owners. Since the author is a veterinarian, there is expert information provided crucial to take care of your furry friend in the right manner.

If either of these books caught your attention checkout our review of the best books all about pet rabbits!

5. Rabbit Hay Feeders/Food Dispensers

Use a rabbit food dispenser to properly feed your rabbit without making a mess! It can sit inside their rabbit hutch so they can easily eat and can be removed for cleaning.

If you are looking for a hay feeder, for your rabbit, checkout our review of the best hay feeders for rabbits.

6. Rabbit Treat Ball

This simple and fun toy for your rabbit will keep them occupied while also helping control the flow of treats. The ball is hollow and when you put treats inside and roll it treats will slowly fall out. There are multiple different colors and sizes for you to choose from!

7. Rabbit Carrot Shaped Chew Toy

This fun and interesting carrot-shaped chew toy will have your rabbit entertained for hours at a time! Help your rabbit prevent boredom while also getting them a chew toy that is good for their dental health.

Rabbit Apparel Gifts

Rabbit apparel gifts include anything you could wear on your body. We picked high quality products with great reviews that we think you will enjoy.

8. Rabbits Make Me Happy T-Shirt

If you love gifts for rabbit lovers in the form of cool t-shirts, this gift is worth checking out. These t-shirts are in a variety of colors such as white and silver and made to faultlessly fit women and men.

With the “Rabbit Makes Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt” print on the front of these t-shirts, these lightweight items are great for all the moms, wives, husbands, and grandmas who adore bunnies.

9. Funny Bunny Skull and Crossbones T-Shirts

Though the name included in the brand name is for another pet we also like to keep at home, on the front of the tee you will see an image of a bunny head and what appears to be carrots placed in a manner resembling the popular symbol of skull and crossbones.

Whether the image is weird, sarcastic, or puzzling and you like it, you can purchase and wear this t-shirt whether you are watching a movie or working out at your favorite gym. The colors are vibrant and the tees deliver comfort.

10. Women’s Rabbit Socks

Manufactured by the Hot Sox Company, these pink-colored socks for women comes plastered all over with illustrations of bunnies. The socks offer a lot of relaxation when worn throughout the day.

Belonging to the animal series socks, the item can be gifted to women with shoe sizes ranging from 4 to 10.5.

11. Women’s Winter Fuzzy Socks

These socks as potential gifts for rabbit lovers have been designed in a unique manner making them both comfy and stylish. On the sole of the socks, you will find silicon rubber grips for letting you feel warm and cozy while still safeguarding you against floor slipping.

When you wear socks, the funny and cute design will attract and put a smile on the face of everyone around you.

12. Fuzzy Bunny Slippers For Women

Meant for women, these bunny slippers have an array of features. First, the type of cushion used is memory foam, great for delivering a comfy feel. Since the memory foam insole is also high-density and flexible, the possibility of experiencing fatigue is significantly minimized.

The design of the slippers is varied, waterproof, and also promotes the free-breathing of your feet and thus discourages feet sweating.

13. Rabbit Print Lightweight Scarf

The distinctive print of these bunnies on the scarf makes it uniquely attractive as one of the best gifts for rabbit lovers. Lina & Lily as the creators deliver on making the scarf lightweight and comfortable when you wear it having used a light polyester material.

This rabbit scarf from a registered brand has the quality to be considered as a gift to a family member or a friend during any season or occasion.

14. Rabbit Navy Necktie

Choosing this navy necktie means you get an item made with 100% microfiber which according to cleaning experts is much superior to cotton.

The beautiful fabric hand-sewn with several brown bunnies can be a perfect gift to sons, dads, and boyfriends on an occasion.

Rabbit Jewelry Gifts

These rabbit jewelry gifts enable you to show a little class while still wearing around a reminder of your furry friend. We also included a ring holder to hold your new acquired jewelry.

15. Sterling Silver Adjustable Rabbit Ring

This rabbit silver ring for women features rabbit ears and eyes. With an adjustable style, the retro-styled ring can be gifted to a lover, a family member, or a friend and worn when going to a party, or just throughout the day.

16. Sterling Silver Rabbit Charm Necklace

Because of its beautiful and charming design, this silver rabbit necklace can be part of your daily wear. The rabbit pendant design measures 5mm x 13mm, it is 18 inches and is a product from Italy.

17. Rabbit Jewelry Holder

For people who love rabbits and are looking for a place to hold their rings, this item is one of the best around. Each ring holder is accommodative enough to allow the storage of numerous rings of varying sizes. What is more, unlike a standard jewelry tray or ring box, an Anigram ring holder occupies only a small portion of your space.

Having employed a copper finish, the item is not only simple and easy to dust but also the shining metal makes it attractive to the eye.

Rabbit Mug Gifts

We picked two high quality mugs that we think you will enjoy!

18. 3D Coffee Mug With Rabbit Inside

This ceramic mug is relatively small in size, coming with varying cartoonish baby animals to choose from including a cute baby rabbit. You can use the mugs for serving cocoa, tea, or coffee and when you finish your drink, you will find your adorable little animal inside to greet you. For this kind of surprise, it is a guarantee both adults and kids will appreciate the mugs.

If you are looking for a housewarming, Christmas or Birthdate gift, then this mug can be an excellent option.

19. White Ceramic Bunny Mom Mug

As a 3D Rose product, this white pottery mug design keeps the company’s famous slogan and tradition of turning favorite memories into art on different items. With a black handle and interior, the ceramic mug has printing of “Bunny Mom” and two bunny footprints on both sides. Having implemented a high gloss finish, you can help in making the mug image last longer by adhering to its requirement for hand washing only.

Rabbit Art Gifts

These rabbit art gifts range all the way from something you could put in your garden, all the way to art you would hang in your living room. We also included a rabbit coloring book which could be fit for an adult or children.

20. Rabbit Canvas Wall Art

The bunny canvas wall art is the creation of Marion Rose and the item is available in three other different dimensions apart from 24 x 24. The weight of this potential gift for a rabbit lover is only 6 pounds, making carrying it around to be an effortless task.

21. Cute Rabbit Statue’s

A lot of attention to detail went into the carving of this bunny statue. The pink noses and eyes may trick you into believing that that is not a rabbit statue but a real rabbit.

Unlike a real rabbit, though, keeping the rabbit statue does not involve buying an expensive hutch and cleaning up the hutch, and providing fresh hay. The implemented statue design is also durable and UV resistant.

22. Rabbit Coloring Book

This rabbit coloring book features single-sided pages important for allowing the removal of any of the pages for your hanging/framing. Because of the provision for single-sided pages for coloring, you also get to benefit from reduced chances of bleed-through occurrence and avoid affecting other pages, particularly when you are using a marker.

When you gift yourself or your friend this adult rabbit coloring book, there will be no disappointment encountered due to the high-quality content and design styles included. The versatility of this product makes it one of the best gifts for rabbit lovers.

Rabbit Accessory Gifts

These rabbit accessory gifts are a few things that go along with your smartphone and improve your life.

23. Rabbit Popsockets Grip

Apart from the fact that you get to use a cute phone stand with a graphic of baby rabbits, the item also has a PopGrip having an exchangeable top. The Popsocket can either be entirely removed to allow for wireless charging or switched out for another design.

An advanced adhesive has been used for allowing the removal and repositions of different cases and devices. Since the item has an expandable stand, hands-free watching of videos, using facetime, and capturing of group photos has been made possible.

24. Wooden Rabbit Phone Stand

Whether you are looking for a mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, or an Easter Day gift, this bunny-shaped phone stand can be a great gift option. The lightweight and beautifully decorated wooden phone stand are environmentally friendly since beech wood has been used and no toxic and corrosive substances or chemicals were relied upon in making the stand.

Apart from using the item as a phone stand, it can also assist in serving as a decoration in your working or living space.

Random Rabbit Gifts

The following gifts didn’t fit into any of the categories above so here are the last remaining random rabbit gifts for you to go through!

25. Rabbit Themed Throw Pillow

This specific pillow has the quote: “All you need is love and a Bunny,” you immediately understand why the gift is popular among bunny lovers. As one of the gifts for rabbit lovers, this pillow can be exploited for fashioning an elegant comfort in your living room, restaurant, bench, etc. This rabbit pillow also comes with an invisible zipper.

26. Rabbit Tote Bag

As the title implies, this particular tote bag model features the artwork of a cute bunny rabbit. The other tote bags that the Pet Studio sells also feature images of other animals rescued and living in different sanctuaries.

The bunny tote bags are easy to clean and can be used for carrying groceries, supplies or anything you need.

27. Rabbit Sculpted Soap Gift Set

For a bunny lover okay with receiving a three-set gift of luxuriously sculpted bunny soap, this item from Greenwich Bay Trading Company is perfect. Each set of soap weighs about 85g and made using natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, shea butter, golden honey, and coconut butter.

28. Bunny Stuffed Animal

As an authentic stuffed animal, the Jellycat bunnies are suitable as a gift to both adults and children because of the comfort they offer. The medium stuffed bunny, about 12 inches, can help soothe you to sleep if you are one of those people having trouble sleeping and suffers from anxiety.

29. Desk Bunny Companion

Get your very own desk bunny companion for you or for a friend to sit on their desk while you work. It holds scissors and paper clips for convenient use.

Conclusion – Best Gifts For Rabbit Lovers

Above is a plethora of options for you to choose from when trying to decide what is the best gift for rabbit lovers. Whether you are trying to get them a gift that reminds them of their furry friend or something directly for their rabbit that will improve their life.

What gift are you going to get for a friend or family member?

I have always loved rabbits. A rabbit was my very first pet. Since owning my first rabbit I have gone on to own many more. I look forward to being able to get my kids their very own pet rabbits.