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Little girl holding pet rabbit

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Pet Rabbit Articles

Can Rabbits Live Outside during Winter? - Keeping rabbits warm in winter outside Can rabbits live outside during winter? Yes, but you must revamp its hutch to insulate as much heat as possible. You also need to keep changing its water with lukewarm water every two days.
Rabbit Care Rabbit Food 101 - What do rabbits eat? Rabbits are wonderful pets to have and it’s your job to take great care of them. When it comes to feeding them, you might be asking yourself: what do rabbits eat? Here is everything you need to know about the kind of rabbit food you can provide your new pet.
Baby Bunny with brown fur Baby Bunny Care - Tips for baby bunny care Rabbits often reach their maturity around the age of four months old and are considered adults at this age. It’s often recommended people wait to adopt a pet rabbit into their family until this age. In the case you adopt a baby bunny, here are three things you should know […]
Rabbit Care Facts Rabbit Care: 8 Things You Need to Know - How to Take Care of a Bunny Perhaps you’re interested in getting a pet rabbit, but you’re unsure of how to care for it. Maybe you just brought your new bunny home and realize you don’t know much about having a pet rabbit. Wherever you might be in the journey, it’s important to know some key […]
Example of a rabbit flea Rabbit Fleas: Treatment and Prevention - How did my rabbit get fleas? Like dogs and cats, pet rabbits can easily fall victim to fleas. Rabbit fur provides an ideal environment for fleas to hide, lay their eggs, and multiply.