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lionhead rabbit with a mane outside on green grass
Having a cat or a dog as a companion can be rather cliché but if your deepest desire is to have a fur ball friend who looks like a miniature version of a lion, the Lionhead Rabbit is sure to make you weak in the knees.
Just one look at this adorable little bunny and one run of your fingers through its fluffy, lion like mane around his head is enough for you to pack him up and take him home.

These little guys are one of the newer breeds of domestic rabbits that came into being as a result of certain genetic mutation, fixed with the use of selective breeding. Because of this, this particular breed of rabbits have a luxuriant mane on the top of their head which makes them look like a male lion and have been known as Lionhead Rabbits ever since.

Lionhead Rabbit Facts

Weight: Around 1.3 – 1.7 kg  or 2.8 – 3.75 lb
Color: White, Tortoise Mini Satin (Black, Blue, Chocolate or Lilac), Chinchilla, Blue Mini Satin, Silver Marten Satin (Black, Blue, Chocolate or Lilac)
Notable Features: Large Furry Mane that forms a full circle around the head.
Lifespan: 7 – 10 years

It was only since the year 2002 that the Lionhead rabbit was acknowledged as a recognized breed of rabbits in the United Kingdom, and 2014 in the USA by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association.)

The genetic mutation that gave rise to the this breed of rabbits is a dominant gene characteristic. In other words, if a Lion head rabbit breeds with a ‘normal ‘rabbit, the kits (offspring) will display the characteristic ‘Lionhead mane’.

lionhead rabbit mane compared to african lion mane

Male Lionhead Rabbit and Male African Lion

Lionhead rabbits have different mane types. Some rabbits have single manes i.e. only around the face and head and resemble more of a sunflower. Others who have double manes that are much thicker and have a long, wool skirt around their haunches and are also often seen to have too much wool with their mane extending onto their face. Many lionhead’s could be a mix of both to result in a rabbit breed with the perfect mane.


Usually a healthy Lionhead rabbit may weigh around 1.3-1.7 kgs (2.8 – 3.75 lb) and comes in shades of lilac, blue, sable, white, sable point, fox, squirrel, chinchilla, agouti, harlequin, frosted pearl and red.

lionhead rabbit kit chinchilla dutchLionhead rabbits are much loved and favored for their gentle, inquisitive dispositions and willingness to play, although these small fellows are easily frightened. Being so small and fluffy they are one of the best house rabbits. Handling them tactfully with love and care from a young age helps these fluff balls gain the trust of humans and increases their friendliness.

Unlike most rabbits, the lionhead rabbits have rather thick, dense wool that requires more care. Regular grooming sessions and checking for knots in their wool can help keep them safe, comfortable and looking their best at all times. You could face some shedding issues along with wool block because of the long wool they own. To avoid the matted fur from getting out of hand it is best to brush their fur with a cat brush or other grooming tools at least twice a week.

Do you have a Lionhead Rabbit? If so, please tell us about your lionhead. If you have a pic of your lionhead and you send us a link to the pic in the comments below, we’ll add it to this article. Thanks!

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