girl petting her rabbits ears
Your pet rabbit has many needs and a few wishes as well! We have partnered with Amazon to provide you with a list of top rated items for your sweet bunny. Although this is not a comprehensive list of everything that you might want, it will start you out on the right path. From basic needs to the extras that your pet rabbit will absolutely love, below is a list of recommended products that other bunny buffs have approved as the best of the best. Treat your sweet pet and yourself to something new!



Super Pet Rabbit Rollin’ The Hay Holder

The Super Pet Rabbit Rollin’ The Hay Holder is a great nutritional toy for rabbits. It comes with a stand that allows it to sit stationary, or it detaches to be played with as a ball and can be hung inside a cage. Nutritious and delicious, your bunny will have fun with this best-selling favorite!


Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

The Oxbow Western Timothy Hay will appeal to your pet rabbit with its fresh scent. Once consumed the fiber will allow his digestive system to work at optimal ability.



Super Pet Paw-Print PetWare Bowl

The Super Pet Paw-Print Petware Bowl is a great addition to your pet rabbits’ home. Cute and functional this little dish won’t overturn easily, and it is also chew-proof.


Health and Wellness:

Prozyme Pet Formula – 454 gram Jar

The Prozyme Pet Formula is a great product that will help your pet rabbit to get the most viability out of her nutrition. Older pet rabbits will benefit even more greatly.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
hair brush for rabbits
This self cleaning brush is perfect to get the mattes out of your rabbit’s hair. If you have a lionhead rabbit or Angora rabbit this is a must own.


Cages and Pens:

Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen

The Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen is an indoor/outdoor pen that folds down for easy transportation and storage. Its black E-coat prevents rust and ensures a long life for this great product.


Iris RP-750 Rabbit Cage

The Iris RP-750 Rabbit Cage is rated highly for being easy to use in “litter box” training pet rabbits. It does not take up much room, and provides the rabbit with some protection from little fingers. The food and water is kept higher on the top level, the bunny sleeps on the lower level, and its waste goes below in a handy pull out compartment that is easily emptied.


Super Pet Treat Pet-n-Play Habitat for Rabbits

We are including the Super Pet Treat Pet-n-Play Habitat primarily for its easy assembly and for the treat dispenser that encourages your pet rabbit to interact. With the press of a button the bell sounds and the treat comes down guaranteeing lots of fun for your furry friend!


Ware Premium+ Penthouse

Let your pet rabbit live it up in this beautiful cedar home! It can be used indoor or outdoors and can be attached to a pen. The Ware Premium + Penthouse is easily assembled in no time at all.


Cage and Pen Accessories:

Peter’s Woven Grass Mat for Rabbits

Give your pet rabbit’s feet a soft rest on this great little mat. Use Peter’s Woven Grass Mat inside or outside your bunny’s cage. It is safe for chewing as well.


Super Pet Giant Rabbit Igloo Hideout

Every bunny needs a place to get away sometimes, and you can provide that in the Super Pet Giant Rabbit Igloo Hideout. It is easily cleaned, translucent for visibility of your pet, and has ample space inside for pet rabbits.


Super Pet Rabbit Hideout

Bendable and chew-safe the Super Pet Rabbit Hideout can be used to create a “safe spot” for your pet rabbits to go. Shape them to fit your bunnies’ cage especially.


Ware Double Fleece Hang-N-Tunnel Crinkle Small Pet Sleeper

The Ware Double Fleece Hang-N-Tunnel Crinkle Sleeper is easily hung in your pet’s cage. Washable, durable, and cozy, your pet rabbit is sure to enjoy it for many hours.


The Little Extras:

K&H Heated Resting Mat

The K&H Heated Resting Mat can be used indoor or outdoor and keeps your pet at a comfortable 100 degrees. A great resting spot, it can also be used to comfort sick pet rabbits.


Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed

Safe for your pet rabbit’s sweet little paws and jaws, Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed provides your bunny with a cozy place to rest.


Argo by Teafco Pet Avion Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Argo by Teafco Pet Avion Airline Approved Pet Carrier is great during travel for both your pet rabbit as well as you. It has great ventilation and plush nylon material for your pet rabbit, and it has padded shoulder straps and a lightness to it for you. Approved by IATA requirements for airline travel it also comes with a strap that allows your pet rabbit to be buckled in while traveling by car.


All of us at hope that these suggested best-sellers will be of benefit to you and your pet rabbits. Enjoy!