There is plenty to catch the eye of keen rabbit owners when reading this Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch review. The idea of an “invincible” 2020 upgrade is intriguing, especially as they claim that other brands are plagiarizing their design. 

There is also the fact that this model is currently the #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Small Animal Outdoor Pens & Hutches.

In this Aivituvin rabbit hutch review, we will take a closer look at why so many consumers and rabbit lovers rate this hutch so highly. You can see some of the key features below. From there, we will go over important aspects like the floor plan, security features, materials, ease of cleaning, and other beneficial points.

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Why choose an Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch?

Before we go into detail about the benefits and features, let’s look at why you should choose an Aivituvin hutch

We love Aivituvin as a brand because they are so committed to creating beautiful homes of the highest quality for our rabbits. There is a strong emphasis on product quality and development, which means that your pets are safe and happy and you have a hutch that you can rely upon. 

They are widely respected among rabbit owners and have created brilliant homes for 20 years.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Features

So, what do you get when you buy this Aivituvin wooden rabbit hutch? Simply, put, this hutch has a lot of benefits that can help rabbits and their owners enjoy a great life together. There are a number of key benefits in choosing this hutch, as you will see below in this Aivituvin rabbit hutch review. They include the following:

  • The hutch is designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It is made from 100% furwood
  • It is big enough to house two or even three rabbits
  • The roof of the hutch is hinged for easy access and a more efficient cleaning process
  • Rabbits get to explore upstairs and downstairs
  • There is a simple sliding door between the two sections
  • There is also a small ramp for access and a curtain for privacy
Aivituvin rabbit hutch with rabbit inside

Bonus features include the chewing toy and feeder.

To better understand what you are getting with this model, let’s take a closer look at those benefits and some of the other aspects of the hutch

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Floor Plan and Capacity

The first thing that you will notice about this hutch is that it is a prime piece of real estate with lots of room for rabbits to explore and set up a good home.

This hutch is impressive because it has three key areas:

  • The indoor sleeping chamber upstairs
  • An outdoor area with mesh beneath
  • A side area with an access ramp.

A possible downside for some owners is that this doesn’t give rabbits direct access to grass. But, there is a good reason for this as this cabinet-style hutch is also made for use indoors. You can bring your furry friends inside in colder months and take them out when you need to. 

Also, there is an access ramp from the “front door” down to the grass.

Now, as a new rabbit owner, you may wonder if a hutch like this is the best housing solution for your rabbits. Is it cruel to keep them locked up? First of all, this is a perfectly safe option for domestic rabbits. They need you to provide a safe home, and the capacity of this one couldn’t be much better.

On that note, we have the secondary benefit of the fact that this can hold two or three smaller rabbits. So, this is ideal for breeds that want to enjoy some companionship. Still, as you will see below, there are bonus Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch features that give them some privacy.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Comfort and Security

One of the reasons that buyers of this Aivituvin Wooden Rabbit Hutch have such peace of mind about the happiness of their rabbits is because of the comfort and security features. There is little concern here about anything getting in or anyone getting out. 

That is because:

  • There are secure latches on all the access points
  • You can bring the hutch indoors for added security
  • The mesh on the sides seems to be pretty strong
rabbit hutch

As for the comfort of your pets, there are some great additional features that Aivituvin added here. There is a curtain on the upper level that gives rabbits a little privacy while enhancing the aesthetic of this cute house. The curtain provides darkness that is comforting and necessary for rabbits that are burrowing creatures at heart.

Then there is the chewing toy and feeder. A feeder is always helpful as a secure place to house food. You can set it up in the same place each day to instill that sense of routine and make it easier to clean up. 

The chewer is something they didn’t have to provide but is a brilliant extra piece of enrichment for your pet.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Durability and Materials

As this is a hutch for both indoor and outdoor use, it is important to know that it will hold up and last as long as possible. The use of 100% fir wood isn’t just to make it pretty. It also means that this hutch should incur any damage. Then there is the fact that you also have tougher metal components for added longevity. 

These include:

  • The strong latches on all three doors
  • The hinges on the doors and the roof
  • The mesh on the sides
  • The casters on the bottom
aivituvin rabbit hutch indoor and outdoor use

There is also a quality plastic tray on the upper chamber floor that should be thicker, longer-lasting, and less prone to leaks.

However, this doesn’t have the same sort of treatment to the wood as other outdoor models. It might be fine in cooler temperatures and should survive a shower easily enough, but it isn’t going to work if there are long periods of bad weather. That is why it is so nice to be able to wheel this indoors when it starts to cloud over.

While we’re on the subject of the aesthetics of that strong wood, don’t forget that you have a choice of colors here. The gray is a lovely neutral tone that will work well in many homes. It will also show off the fur of any brown or redder colored rabbits really nicely. 

The coffee version is more striking with the two-tone effect and perfect for grey, white, or black colored rabbits. Then there is the subtle look of the mocha.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Cleaning and Ease of Use

Finally, in this Aivituvin rabbit hutch review, we need to talk about cleaning and ease of use. A quality Aivituvin hutch like this one does have enough features and considerations to make our lives a lot easier too. 

One standout feature here is the use of the casters on the bottom of the cabinet. This means that you can wheel the hutch out of the house, into the garden for outdoor playtime, and back into the house at night.

Then there are all the features to make it easier to access all areas of the hutch and clean it out. It’s not a fun job, but the sooner you can get all the muck out and freshen it up, the happier everyone will be. 

That is why Aivituvin provides the following:

  • A wire net on the bottom tray to separate the waste from the floor
  • A fully removable tray for faster cleaning
  • Plenty of access points, including the hinged lid on the indoor area.
  • This combination should mean that cleaning out the hutch takes barely any time at all.

Is this Aivituvin rabbit hutch the right choice for your pet?

The final verdict of this Aivituvin rabbit hutch review is that there is a lot to like here. It is great if you are committed to keeping a couple of small rabbits in an indoor setting. This is better as an indoor hutch, but the build and casters make it easy to spend time outside too. 

The easy-access design for cleaning, and the fun floor plan and features all help to make this a great choice for your pets.

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Will this rabbit hutch hold up in the rain or snow?

Yes, any wear and tear on the hutch will come from the rabbits inside, not any weather outside.

Learn more about if rabbits should be kept outside during winter.

Is it cruel to keep rabbits in cages?

No, rabbits need a home just like any other animal. They need a place where they can sleep, eat, drink water and relax. The Aivituvin rabbit hutch is perfect for this. At the same time, your pet rabbit needs a healthy dose of time outside of its hutch.

They need time to stretch their legs and roam around. They need time where they interact with their owner and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed our Aivituvin rabbit hutch review and that it helped you make a smart buying decision for your pet rabbit.

Is this Hutch Right For You?

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