Rabbits love a spacious place where they can lounge, burrow, and feed without too many restrictions. Placing them in rabbit hutches that are too small could lead to lots of health problems, especially if you plan on keeping more than one rabbit. However, you could avoid this by buying your rabbits a three-tier rabbit hutch.

Three-tier rabbit hutches have many benefits; however, their spacious and compartmentalized design is probably the most vital benefit. The rabbit hutches allow you to keep more than two rabbits at a time and allocate each rabbit to its respective space whenever necessary. You could do this during feeding time or at night to prevent exposure to cold weather and allow them to sleep more comfortably.

Best Three-Story Rabbit Cages

Pawhut Rabbit Hutch

Pawhut Rabbit Hutch

Pawhut’s three-tier hutch has several features you’re sure to find beneficial for you and your rabbits. Several things stand out with this rabbit cage’s design. For instance, it has a good design and general look. The rabbit hutch has various spaces and rooms spread over various levels.

Also, the cage provides your rabbits extra protection from the sun and rain. It’s easy to access the different areas of the house, and you could choose to use it outdoors and indoors. The rabbit hutch has a main chamber where the rabbits can sleep and a smaller side chamber that the rabbits can use as a play area.

Pawhut rabbit hutches are designed with strong fir wood that keeps your rabbit safe from predators. Additionally, Pawhut has fit its rabbit hutch with a wire cage that covers all open spaces. The wire cage helps protect your rabbit but also allows enough fresh air to flow into the cage.

Also, the rabbit hutch has a high-quality roof that keeps your rabbit safe from rainwater or excessive cold air. The material used to make the roof is UV-resistant and strong enough to be damaged. Accessing different hutch rooms is quite easy, and you could take the rabbits out of the cage and clean it easier than you would with other cages.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Review

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

There are many reasons you should choose Aivituvin rabbit hutches; however, one great reason could be their dedication to their product and customers. For starters, the company ensures they provide lasting, high-quality products. As such, your can rest assured that you’ll be safe if you buy an Aivituvin rabbit hutch.

Aivituvin’s wooden rabbit hutch has lots of benefits. For starters, it’s spacious enough to house two or three rabbits comfortably. Aivituvin designed their rabbit hutch for both indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made from firwood and has a hinged roof for easy access during cleaning.

Your rabbits will get the chance to explore both the down and upstairs. The rabbit hutch has a ramp that your rabbits will use to access the different floors and a curtain for some added privacy. The rabbit hutch has an upstairs indoor sleeping chamber, an outdoor area the rabbits can play in, and an extra side area for added space.

One possible disadvantage of this rabbit hutch is that it doesn’t give your rabbits direct access to grass. However, this won’t be a huge deal if you use it indoors. The rabbit hutch is perfect for social rabbit breeds. Lastly, the rabbit hutch is quite spacious and is covered with pretty strong mesh on the sides to protect your rabbits from predators.

Birasil Indoor/ Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Birasil Rabbit Hutch

This three-tier hutch has plenty of space and provides the perfect balance of freedom and safety. The hutch has a rustic appearance and is perfect for two or three rabbits. It has a green, slanted roof to protect your rabbits from rain and a wire mesh that keeps your pets safe from wild animals.

The rabbit hutch has a ramp your rabbits could use to move between the levels and locks to keep them safe. It has a spacious, raised resting box warm enough for your rabbits to sleep in and a removable pull-out tray that eases the cleaning process. It has a weatherproof finish, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Also, it takes a short time to assemble (12 minutes).

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Petsfit rabbit hutch has a thoughtful design and is spacious enough for your rabbits to maneuver and play freely. The rabbit cage is easy to assemble and comes with a removable tray and roof for easy cleaning. The rabbit hutch is sturdy because Petsfit makes it from thick Finish spruce panels. This hutch is not on the ground which can help keep your rabbit safe.

Petsfit made the rabbit hutch for indoor use; however, you could still varnish it and use it outdoors. One downside to this rabbit hutch is its meshed base, which can hurt your rabbits if they stand on the mesh for long. Thus, you should allow your rabbits more time outside the cage to prevent this. Additionally, you shouldn’t leave them outdoors in high temperatures since this could trigger heatstroke.

Ogrmar Rabbit Hutch

Ogrmar Rabbit Hutch

Ogrmar’s three-tier hutch is best suited for poultry; however, you could still use it for your pet rabbits. The rabbit hutch has a raised perch to keep your rabbits safe and warm. 

Additionally, it’s good for outdoor use, especially during summer. The rabbit hutch shields your rabbits from the sun, protecting your rabbits from exposure to harsh light.

This hutch is also spacious, providing enough room for your rabbits to play around. It also has a ramp for your rabbits to access the hutch’s raised housing area easily. Also, it has a removable gridding fence and tray for easier cleaning. It has a sturdy, weatherproof construction. As such, you could choose to use it both indoors and outdoors. It is UV-resistant and gives your pets enough warmth even in cold seasons.

Best Rabbit Hutches

Your choice of rabbit hutches depends on various factors, including the number of rabbits you plan to raise. However, the chances are that you won’t go wrong with any of the three-tier hutch mentioned above. Which rabbit hutch do you like the most?

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