Rabbits Need Lots of Safe Space

Now that you have decided to keep a rabbit for a pet, there are some things that you might need to know about indoor pet rabbit care. Rabbits need lots of space so you might want to consider this before having them for house pets. They use this space to feel safe as well as hide and rest.  Make sure you allow them enough space to be able to hop and play around. Since they like to wander around you need to ensure that your house is safe enough for them. Do this by ensuring that no electric wires are exposed or laying on the floor. Avoid using any rodent poison or traps inside your house as well as pesticides if possible.  Rabbits love to dig and you should look out for anything that might pose as an opportunity for them to put their passion into practice in your home.

House Training Your Rabbit

Rabbits can be house-trained. To litter train, your rabbits start by placing soiled litter bins strategically at some corners of your house for their use. Some training on this might be necessary as well. You need to make a soft place for your rabbits to sleep stuffed with soft material since rabbits love comfort. Even more during winter when it is particularly important to keep them from colder temperatures. Rabbits require a clean environment and once you invite them into your home you need to ensure that you keep it clean. Regular cleaning of their litter by daily replacing their bedding is necessary but remember to put back some of their droppings into their litter since they like the familiar scent.

Feeding Your Indoor Rabbit

Ensure that you feed your rabbits a healthy diet full of fiber. You can do this by making sure you feed them plenty of hay or timothy grass. Keep the hay off the ground when feeding it to your rabbits. Greens are also good for them and should be given in small quantities as should carrots that are full of sugar. Provide a tray with freshly grown hay or fodder.  Give your rabbits clean water daily and put it in bowls they cannot overturn or use feeder bottles.  Never give your rabbits frozen food at any time.

Cuddly or Scared

House rabbits need some hiding spaces when scared. You can do this in your home by placing big cartons or boxes where they can retreat every once in a while. They are not always as cuddly as we would like to imagine and need to be let alone to wander. To win their confidence try lifting them gently while offering some small snacks off your hands. They will then learn to associate you with the snacks.

Make sure to get your pet regular checkups at the vet. You may require the services of a vet for services such as neutering and other health issues.  For more details about how to care for rabbits while they live in your house, you can continue referring to our site for regular details.

Please leave any tips you may have for other rabbit owners considering housing their pets indoors by leaving a comment below.

I have always loved rabbits. A rabbit was my very first pet. Since owning my first rabbit I have gone on to own many more. I look forward to being able to get my kids their very own pet rabbits.