Roaches and House Rabbits What Can I Do?

Do you have roaches or other crawling insects like ants, bedbugs, and carpet beetles in your house with your rabbits? Want to get rid of roaches and not hurt your pets? To protect your house from roaches without harming your indoor rabbits you must proceed carefully.

A few years ago when we moved into a new house we had a carpet beetle problem. We searched high and low for a solution. We called the exterminator who was going to bringing some supposed “natural” pesticide. After asking him what exactly this “natural” pesticide was that he was going to use I was shocked. A quick google search revealed that the main chemical permethrin can cause seizures and among other things “Dermal exposures to cats and dogs may cause temporary paresthesia and neurological signs as evidenced by paw flicking
or ear, tail or skin twitching, or rolling on the ground”. After reading that I told sorry but we are going to have to wait.

So off to home depot, I went to find an alternative. I ended up buying a spray that was really high in oregano, mint, and rosemary. At most the spray irritated the carpet beetles, at worst they began to like it. Plus the smell was pretty overpowering for a few days in the house. If I had used this on roaches or ants, I know they would have enjoyed it.  We also tried to use baking soda, but that didn’t work either.

dead cockroach on a plate

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While doing some research I came across these pet and children safe alternatives. Still use these with caution and please do some of your own research. I would still keep these out of reach of your pet rabbits, cats, dogs, children. Avoid using in sleeping areas. I am recommending these products based on my own research. I am not a professional and you should consult one prior to using any of these. A few come in powder form so be careful about breathing in when applying. and keep your rabbits and kids away from the area for that day.

Highest-rated and most recommended pet-safe pesticides that you can buy

 Harris Roach Tablets

Tablets that work really well for roaches and avoid the mess of boric acid powder. Just keep them out of reach of your rabbit and kids. I have not used these before but many pet owners will attest to it.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Possibly an even safer to use product than boric acid. Diatomaceous earth is used in organic farming. It’s not harmful to mammals and kills insects physically by absorbing and drying them out.  Works well for ants, and beetles.

Conclusion – Rabbits and Roaches

I hope this was helpful. If you have a real roach or other crawling insect problem there is hope. Yes, with some diligence you can protect your house from roaches without harming your indoor rabbits.

Do your research though, because many so-called “natural pesticides” aren’t so natural and can do serious harm to you and your pet’s health.

Have you had any success with pesticides in getting rid of roaches, ants, or any other bugs and you have indoor rabbits? Please share what worked for you. Have you have had any bad experiences with certain pesticides? Please share those in the comments below so others can learn and avoid them.

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I have always loved rabbits. A rabbit was my very first pet. Since owning my first rabbit I have gone on to own many more. I look forward to being able to get my kids their very own pet rabbits.