Erica Tramuta-Drobnis, VMD, MPH, CPH - Veterinarian

Erica Tramuta-Drobnis, VMD, MPH, CPH, is a veterinarian, freelance writer, and public health professional. She is the founder and CEO of ELTD One Health Consulting, LLC. Her veterinary clinical experiences span over 22 years. These experiences include general practice, a keen interest in veterinary nutrition, pain management and prevention, emergency and critical care, and exotic animal medicine, including rabbits, ferrets, rodents, reptiles, and more. She received her Master’s in Public Health in 2019 and became Certified in Public Health in February 2020. She has a keen interest in the One Health concept of public health and a multi-disciplinary approach to human health, animal health, and environmental issues. She currently works part-time in emergency and critical care while also writing and consulting on various topics, hoping to establish her niche in a One Health world. The human-animal bond plays a significant role in many people’s lives. Dr. Tramuta-Drobnis hopes to help rabbit owners improve their husbandry (environment, nutrition, and overall pet care). By doing so, she hopes to help strengthen this bond and enhance the well-being of both pet and parent. Learn more about her: